Lled sacs that often feel like soft grapes. They can be tender, especially prior to a menstrual period. Cysts may be drained in the doctor's office. viagra natural alternative If the fluid removed is clear or greenish and the lump disappears after drainage, no further treatment is needed. buy generic viagra online If the fluid is bloody, it is sent to the lab to look for cancer cells. If the lump doesn't disappear or recurs, it is usually removed surgically. is viagra over the counter in canada yahoo Fibroadenomas - non-cancerous lumps that feel rubbery and are easily moved within the breast tissue. generic viagra without prescription Like fibrocystic changes, they occur most often during the reproductive years. viagra for sale uk Typically, they are not painful. In rare cases, they can become cancerous. buy generic viagra Fibrocystic changes - these lumps and bumps can occur in either or both breasts. buy viagra without prescription They are common in women, especially during the reproductive years. Having fibrocystic changes does not increase the risk for breast cancer, but they can make it more difficult to screen for breast cancer. Pain or tenderness is often associated with fibrocystic changes. Hyperplasia - an abnormal growth of cells within an organ or tissue. Nipple discharge - fluid coming from the nipple, unrelated to lactation. Discharge may appear milky, or slightly yellow, green, bloody, or brown. Cancer is rarely the underlying cause, but it can be caused by other conditions that require treatment. Other causes of breast lumps include the following: milk cysts (sacs filled with milk) and infections (mastitis) - these typically occur during breastfeeding or just after childbirth. Injury - sometimes if the breast is badly bruised, there will be a collection of blood that feels like a lump. These lumps tend to get better on their own in a matter of days or weeks. If not, a doctor may have to drain the blood. Lipoma - a collection of fatty tissue. viagra natural casera femenina Intraductal papilloma - a small growth inside a milk duct of the breast. viagra generic In some cases the only symptom is a watery, pink discharge from the nipple. Since a watery or bloody discharge can also be a sign of breast cancer, patients with this symptom should be seen by a doctor. generic viagra 20 mg canada Sources: national cancer institute and american cancer society   back to top cancer types and topics information by disease or topic adrenocortical cancer anal cancer bladder cancer bile duct cancer brain cancer breast cancer cancer of unknown primary cancer risk and prevention cancer screening cancer treatments caregiving cervical cancer clinical trials colorectal cancer complementary and integrative therapies coping with a cancer diagnosis eating well with cancer endometrial cancer esophageal cancer fertility and sexual health gallbladder cancer gastrointestinal carcinoid tumor genetics and cancer head and neck cancer hodgkin's lymphoma leukemia kidney (renal) cancer liver cancer lung cancer melanoma multiple myeloma non-hodgkin's.